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Based in Boston, Massachuestts, Hvmanfactor is a leading web design agency with more than 15 years of experience and dozens of clients worldwide. Hvmanfactor specializes in a range of web design solutions ranging from small business website design to enterprise-level product development. We work with companies large and small to design and develop unique digital experiences that improve brand perception, modernize designs and directly support digital marketing efforts

Our services include website design and development, product design/ux, e-commerce website development, bespoke application development (web app and iOS), digital marketing (SEM and SEO) and web optimization (A/B testing and user feedback). Our highly data-driven approach relies heavily on deep data integrations and continous learning to build a successfull digital marketing strategy that clearly communicate concepts, build customer loyalty and drive sales.

Hvmanfactor was founded 2014 by Mark Bushy, who has been leading design teams for more than 15 years and has worked with Nike, MIT, Refinery 21 and numerous Fortune 500 companies to create beautiful digital experiences. Most recently, Mark founded EventCreate, a fully self-service event website platform and software as a service, allowing event planners to create a beautiful event website and market events online. EventCreate now has nearly 200,000 users worldwide.

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